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What We’re About

We here at The Daily Live Download strive to deliver you high quality live recordings on a daily basis.   Our focus will be on live rock performances, although we will try to mix in some live jazz, world and electronic as well.

The Daily Live Downloads are MP3 files* encoded at 256kbps or above.  Our MP3s are  properly tagged, with artwork included, ready to drop into your iTunes or favorite audio player.  We will feature both soundboard and high-quality audience recordings – complete shows wherever possible.

Please SUPPORT THESE ARTISTS in any way you can – take a friend to a show, buy a t-shirt, buy some officially released music, review their music on your blog.  Also, anytime you’re at a show and see a taper, make sure to give him/her a ‘thank you’ (when the mic’s aren’t running, of course).  I’ve found that many tapers will appreciate it if you offer to buy them a beer.

The recordings offered here are available to trade freely but should never be sold. This bears repeating:  These recordings offered here are available to trade freely but should never be sold.  These recordings are distributed for the love of the music, and in hopes of turning more people on to it.

The Daily Live Download is an entirely non-commercial enterprise and we do not receive money for advertising.

Lots of Love,

Dr. DLDL, M.D.


Please do contact if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or crock pot recipies to share.  We also are looking for contributors, so please be in touch if you’d like to join the cause.

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