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Daily Live Download: Trey Anastasio & Classic TAB 2010 – Boston House of Blues

March 13, 2010

Kudos to Trey and Company for the groovin’ winter tour.  I know I had a blast at the show I attended.   Here’s a gem from up in Bahstahn, which I wish I’d had the pleasure of attending – check it out.

Trey Anastasio Band 2010-02-12
Boston, MA

House of Blues


Set I:
01) Shine
02) Cayman Review
03) Push On Til the Day
04) What’s Done
05) Birdwatcher
06) Mozambique
07) Night Speaks to a Woman
08) Alaska
09) Let Me Lie
10) Plasma
11) Tuesday

Set II:
12) Drifting
13) All That Almost Was
14) Sand
15) Goodbye Head
16) Gotta Jibboo
17) Small Axe
18) Valentine
19) Money, Love and Change
20) Show of Life
21) Dragonfly

22) Sultans of Swing
23) First Tube

bagged and tagged with artwork – thanks Duanebase
MBHO603a Audience Recording  mp3 V0

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