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Daily Live Download : Denson, Walter, Moore 2010 – Jamcruise surprise atrium set

March 12, 2010

Here’s a tasty little nugget from this year’s Jamcruise!  The boat this year featured a beautiful glass piano in a large atrium, and occasionally the ship’s artists would step up (or sit down, more specifically) and entertain the random crowd that had assembled with some solo piano or a small ensemble.

Here we have a tasty recording by Charlie Miller, who was quick and kind enough to get his rig set up, and record this show to share with the rest of us.

Just a short little set, this lineup features longtime Greyboy Allstars partners Karl Denson and Robert Walter on sax and piano respectively, with Galactic’s Stanton Moore on drums.  I could only catch one song title, so these will come up with no song information in your iTunes, but everything is in the correct running order and with artwork.  Ripped at 256kbps VBR, runtime for this collection is just under 38 minutes.


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