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Peek of the Week: Museum Rock

March 5, 2010

Animal Collective @ the Guggeheim Museum, NYC 3/4/2010 (via Brooklyn Vegan)

We here at The DLDL love us some great concert photography.  So, you may notice that, in addition to our daily downloads, we are going to include a weekly tribute to the visual world of music.  We hope you enjoy the photos in our Peek of the Week feature.

What better way to kick it off than with a tripped out photo spread from a strange exhibit – “Transverse Temporal Gyrus” to be exact – put on by Animal Collective last night.  They were allowed to get weird, and get loud, in the Guggenheim Museum, of all places, and did quite a bit of both apparently.

Check out some other nice pictures over at BV.  There’s one intriguing shot of two hipsters trying to make hipsterbabies on a museum bench – not sure if they were part of the exhibit or not.  In any event, looks like good times at the Gugg!  More photos below…

Don’t forget you can download or stream some live Animal Collective recordings over at Live Music Archive, along with hundreds of other bands.  Doubtful that there were any tapers present at last night’s performance, but here’s an  interesting looking AnCo show from an Oakland, California art gallery back in 2004.

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