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A Note from Frank in technical assistance.

March 24, 2010


Sorry y’all, as you may have noticed we’ve been down for a little over a week.

I done goofed and accidentally defragged the Uploadulator 3000 and now she’s rebooting, which takes about 20-30 hours depending on the humidity.  It’s pretty moist today.  We’ll be back on line in the next day or two.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

All My Best,


Daily Live Download : Mike Gordon Band 2010 – Charlottesville, VA

March 15, 2010

After a Trey-filled weekend, it’s only fair we kick down some cactus funk in honor of one of our favorite “people” ever – Mr. Mike Gordon.  Mike brought his band through Charlottesville last Thursday and lit this small town on fire.  Very impressed with how far this band has come in a few short years!

Check out the Mike Gordon Band downloads here (in two parts) :


Tracklist info below.  Let’s hope Mike keeps the momentum up on this project…

Mike Gordon Band 3/11/2010 – Charlottesville, VA – Jefferson Theater

Set 1 : Middle of the Road, Dig Further Down, Spiral, Midnight at the Oasis, The Beltless Buckler, Traveled Too Far > Emotional Railroad > Fire from a Stick > Traveled Too Far

Set 2: Only a Dream, Can’t Stand Still > Radar Blip, 15 Step, Be Good And You’ll Be Lonely, Hap Nappy> Morphing Again, Meat – E: Foundation

crispy audience recording at 256kbps mp3

Daily Live Download: Trey Anastasio 2010 Acoustic Selections

March 14, 2010

What the hell, might as well make it an all Trey weekend.  My apologies to the Phish non-believers.  🙂

I’ve put together a colleciton of my favorite acoustic moments from Trey’s winter tour.  We’ve got some new tunes that have never been played acoustic before (“Stealing Time”, “KDF”, “Number Line”) and also the Nashville guest appearances by ole Del McCoury and his pals.

Recording levels have been normalized as best as possible, and this is ripped at 256kbps VBR.

We’re calling this Acoustic Trey – ’10 Winter Morsels. You can dowload it here.  Enjoy!

1.  Kill Devil Falls (2/23)

2. Bathtub Gin (2/23)

3. Backwards Down the Number Line (2/23)

4. Brian & Robert (2/21)

5. Back on the Train (2/21)

6. Wilson (2/25)

7. Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan (2/18)

8. I’m Blue, I’m Lonesome (2/25) w/ Del McCoury and friends

9. Beauty of My Dreams (2/25) w/ Del McCoury and friends

10. Rocky Mountain Shuffle (2/25) w/ Del McCoury and friends

We will occasionally bring you “Sunday Afternoon Samplers” such as these – please let us know what you’d like to hear next!

Daily Live Download: Trey Anastasio & Classic TAB 2010 – Boston House of Blues

March 13, 2010

Kudos to Trey and Company for the groovin’ winter tour.  I know I had a blast at the show I attended.   Here’s a gem from up in Bahstahn, which I wish I’d had the pleasure of attending – check it out.

Trey Anastasio Band 2010-02-12
Boston, MA

House of Blues


Set I:
01) Shine
02) Cayman Review
03) Push On Til the Day
04) What’s Done
05) Birdwatcher
06) Mozambique
07) Night Speaks to a Woman
08) Alaska
09) Let Me Lie
10) Plasma
11) Tuesday

Set II:
12) Drifting
13) All That Almost Was
14) Sand
15) Goodbye Head
16) Gotta Jibboo
17) Small Axe
18) Valentine
19) Money, Love and Change
20) Show of Life
21) Dragonfly

22) Sultans of Swing
23) First Tube

bagged and tagged with artwork – thanks Duanebase
MBHO603a Audience Recording  mp3 V0

Daily Live Download : Denson, Walter, Moore 2010 – Jamcruise surprise atrium set

March 12, 2010

Here’s a tasty little nugget from this year’s Jamcruise!  The boat this year featured a beautiful glass piano in a large atrium, and occasionally the ship’s artists would step up (or sit down, more specifically) and entertain the random crowd that had assembled with some solo piano or a small ensemble.

Here we have a tasty recording by Charlie Miller, who was quick and kind enough to get his rig set up, and record this show to share with the rest of us.

Just a short little set, this lineup features longtime Greyboy Allstars partners Karl Denson and Robert Walter on sax and piano respectively, with Galactic’s Stanton Moore on drums.  I could only catch one song title, so these will come up with no song information in your iTunes, but everything is in the correct running order and with artwork.  Ripped at 256kbps VBR, runtime for this collection is just under 38 minutes.


Daily Live Download: Primus & Friends 1998 – San Francisco

March 11, 2010

Here is an interesting show for Claypool/Primus fans… this was an impromptu club gig that benefited the family of a recently deceased Bay Area musician.  His name was Calder Spanier and he was a saxophonist who had performed early on with Charlie Hunter.  Sadly, he was struck and killed by a motorist near the Oakland Bay Bridge.  He was obviously well loved in the music community, as this show features not only a surprise Primus set in his honor (featuring a brand new song no less), but a also boatload of guests like Michael Franti, Scott Amendola, a DJ scritch scratching and many others. There are two bonus tracks included from the “Spearhead & Friends” set that preceded Primus’s set.  See below for the full tracklist.

This all occurred at Bimbo’s 365, a swank supperclub type place down near Fisherman’s Wharf.  A great evening of music – I recorded this personally and treasure the memories.  I hope you enjoy as well.

(MP3s @ 256kbps VBR – with artwork, properly tagged and sequenced).



Groundhog Day (w/ Carl Young – sax)

Silly Putty (w/ DJ Disk)

The Heckler

Tommy the Cat

Drums & DJ (w/ DJ Disk & Scott Amendola)

Food for the Masses (w/ Michael Franti & Polywog)

Tommy the Cat

Scissor Man (aka Snippy) – world premiere

Wildowood Weed Jam

Closing Comments

Bonus tracks (from Michael Franti & Spearhead & Friends set earlier)

Clinton’s Got Lipstick On the Collar / Of Course You Can

Red Beans and Rice / Ganja Babe / At Day’s Arrival

Hump Pic: Oysterhead Rehearsals

March 10, 2010

Sorry guys, the good Doctor is stacked with patients today, so we bring you some visual fun to download into your funholes.  Here we have Trey Anastasio and Les Claypool back in preliminary rehearsals for a late summer O-head run.  When all else has been done and said….